Terms and conditions


These Terms and Conditions define the rules for making purchases in the Online Store Venetiajewels operated by Venetia Sp z o.o.(LLC)  (hereinafter: Venetia / Venetiajewels /  Venetia Sp. z o.o.), with its registered seat at Wichrowa 7 Street, Janki, 05-090 Raszyn, Poland, registered in National Court Register under number KRS 0000793101, NIP 5342603230, REGON 383773053.

  • 1 General provisions.
  1. The object of the VenetiaJewels online store is retail sales of gold jewelry with diamonds.
  2. Buyer can make purchases in the store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the website www.venetiajewels.com.
  3. Products offered in VenetiaJewels store are brand new, free from physical and legal defects.
  4. Seller certifies the quality of each product with a diamond by Certificate of authenticity VENETIA.
  • 2 Glossary
  1. Shop – online store operating at: www.venetiajewels.com
  2. Seller – Venetia Limited Liability Company (hereinafter: Venetia Sp. z o.o.) with headquarters at 7 Wichrowa Street, Janki, 05-090 Raszyn, Poland registered in the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000793101, NIP 5342603230, REGON 38377303.
  3. Customer – natural person having at least limited legal capacity and at least 16 years old and a legal person.
  4. Product – an article, which can be ordered in the Store.
  5. Newsletter – commercial information regarding the Store, including in particular information concerning, promotions and loyalty programs.
  6. Working days – all days of the week from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays and Saturdays.
  7. Shopping cart – a place where the Customer specifies the details of the order.
  • 3 Registration
  1. Customer can make a free registration in Venetiajewels online store.
  2. Registration facilitates the Customer placing an order for Products available in the Store byproviding access to the Account, as well as enabling the Customer to make modifications to the data contained therein.
  3. In order to register in the store, the Customer should fill out a registration form located on the Store’s website, providing his or her data, including: first name, surname, e-mail address, password.
  4. The Client has the opportunity to agree to send the Store newsletter to the e-mail address provided during registration. The Customer can unsubscribe from the Store Newsletter at any time.
  • 4 Terms and conditions of placing orders
  1. Shop sells on the territory of the Republic of Poland and the EU.
  2. Buyer may place orders in the store after reading the Rules and Privacy Policy, located on the website www.venetiajewels.com.
  3. Persons authorized to submit orders in the store are:
    1. Customers registered in the Store and having an Account,
    2. Customers not registered.
  4. Customer registered in the Store places an order by logging into the Store, adding Product to the Shopping Cart, choosing the form of delivery and confirming the order with the button “Order and pay”.
  5. A Customer not registered in the Store places an order by adding the Product to the Cart, choosing a form of delivery and confirming the order with the button “Order and pay”.The Customer is obliged to provide the data necessary to complete the order in accordance procedure on the Store’s website.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, information about the Products available on Store websites do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. This information constitutes invitation to submit offers.
  7. The Seller confirms the acceptance of Customer’s order for execution via e-mail. The moment the Seller confirms the acceptance of Customer’s order for execution the conclusion of the contract of sale takes place.
  8. The shopping cart allows the Customer to specify the details and calculate the value of the order. Placing Products in the Shopping Cart by the Customer does not entail their reservation. If the number of available Products is exhausted before the Customer confirms the order, The Seller reserves the right not to accept the order.
  9. The Customer is obliged to indicate a complete and correct shipping address and phone number, which should not change until delivery. The ordered Products shall be delivered to the address indicated by the Buyer. The Buyer can also choose a different address for delivery of the Product.
  10. Seller presenting on the website a model of jewelry presents each time specification: diamonds (clarity and weight) and precious and semi-precious stones (weight) however, the product photos may not fully reflect their size. In case of doubt the Customer’s request, the Seller shall each time send additional photos to dispel any doubts.
  11. The Seller does not cancel an order for a Product that has already been sent.
  12. Implementation of the order placed on weekdays after 12 AM and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays begins on the next working day.
  • 5 Payment
  1. The condition of accepting the Order for execution is prior payment for the ordered Product.
  2. Shop provides the following types of payment:
    1.  transfer/credit card/BLIK/PayU – payment to the Venetiajewels store’s bank account of the full order value calculated in the calculation, before delivery of the ordered goods.
    2.  e-voucher – to use of this method of payment, you must enter the voucher number in the shopping cart in the “I have an eVoucher, paper voucher or gift card” field. In the next step, you need to select one of the payment methods listed in section 2.1).
  1. If the value of the order exceeds the value of the e-voucher, the Customer must pay the difference in the form payment method specified in paragraph 2.1). If the value of the e-voucher exceeds the value of the order, the Store shall not make a refund for the difference.
  2. The Buyer purchases the Product in the price applicable at the time of placing the Order.
  3. The Product price does not include the cost of delivery of the Product, which is indicated on the Store website in the tab https://venetiajewels.pl/shipping-delivery/
  4. The Seller has the right to change prices and delivery costs, in particular, in the event of changes in the price lists of services provided by the delivery operators. This provision does not apply to orders already in progress.
  • 6 Delivery
  1. Product is delivered to the address indicated by the Customer in the order.
  2. Orders are delivered to the customer or a person designated by the customer in the order.
  3. Each order is issued a personal VAT invoice, in the case of EU companies, it can be issued an EU VAT invoice, provided that at the moment of verification on VIES website ( https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=pl ) the company is registered as a EU VAT taxpayer active.
  4. Delivery of the Product is carried out by a courier company or InPost.

Delivery of courier shipments takes place on working days from 9 to 17 hours, InPost shipments – 24/7.

  1. Deadline for the realization (shipping) of the Order is indicated next to the Product and is up to 48 hours from the moment of placing an order for products available “off the shelf”, and 6-8 weeks for other products.
  2. Foreign shipments are carried out by courier. In case of Orders below 400 PLN in Poland – delivery cost is 20 PLN gross, for an Order exceeding the value of 400 PLN are carried out at the expense of the Seller.
  3. Foreign shipments are carried out by courier company. In case of Orders below 200€ in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain – the cost of delivery is 20€ gross, for Orders exceeding the value of 200€ are carried out at the expense of the Seller.
  4. Foreign shipments are carried out by courier company. In case of Orders below 500€ in Denmark, Finland & Sweden – the cost of delivery is 30€ gross, for Orders exceeding the value of value of 500€ are carried out at the expense of the Seller.
  5. If a shipment with an order value of less than 200€ is not collected or is refused, Seller shall refund the purchase price less a handling fee for the warehouse handling of the return amounting to 5% of the value of the order made. In this case, the Seller does not reimburse delivery costs. In case of orders over 200€, the Seller shall refund the purchase price less a handling fee for the warehouse handling of the return amounting to 3% of the value of your order.
  6. If an order is returned to the Seller for reasons attributable to the Customer, including incorrect delivery address provided by the Customer, failure to receive the shipment or refusal to accept it, the Customer bears the full cost of redelivery. The Seller is not responsible for any losses resulting from incorrect order details provided by the Customer.
  7. The Customer is obliged to check the condition of the Product or, if this is difficult, the condition of the shipment immediately after delivery, in the presence of a representative of the delivery. In the case of discovering any damage that may occur during transport, the Customer should draw up an appropriate damage protocol and immediately contact the Seller by phone: +48 511 03 05 04 or by e-mail: care@venetiajewels.com.
  • 7 Guarantee and reclamation
  1. Products purchased in the Internet Shop VENETIAJEWELS have a one-year warranty Seller and Producer guarantee.
  2. Seller is responsible for incompatibility of goods with the contract on the basis of warranty, as defined in the Civil Code.
  3. Customer who is a consumer and purchasing the Product for purposes not related to business activity, shall have the rights arising from the provisions of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights.
  4. A complaint about the Products may be sent to the e-mail: returns@venetiajewels.com or be submitted by filling in the returns form – form no.1 below.
  1. The complaint will be considered up to 14 days from the date of its submission. The Customer will be notified by e-mail about the manner of processing the complaint, telephone or at the address correspondence address.
  1. Customer who is a consumer can take advantage of out-of-court methods of dealing with complaints and claim, including:
    1. may refer the matter to the permanent arbitration court of consumers operating at The Trade Inspectorate with a request to resolve the dispute that has arisen;
    2. may apply to The Voivodship Inspector of Trade Inspection for mediation proceedings with a view to resolving the dispute amicably;
    3. may use free out-of-court assistance in resolving disputes and out-of-court redress from poviat (municipal) consumer ombudsmen and social organizations whose statutory tasks include consumer protection;
    4. may use the European ODR platform (Online Dispute Resolution) available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/
  • 8 Product replacement
  1. Buyer can make a replacement of the Product for a Product of a different model within 60 days of receipt of the Product, after confirming such a possibility by the Store.
  2. Shipping cost of the Product in both directions is borne by the Buyer.
  3. Condition for the use of the exchange is the absence of traces of use of the replaced Product, having the factory packaging and attaching undamaged tags. If this condition is not met, the Seller refuses to make the exchange and returns Product to the Buyer, after the Customer has paid the cost of re-shipment.
  • 9 Withdrawal from the Agreement
  1. A consumer or entrepreneur running a sole proprietorship who concluded a distance contract (hereinafter the Customer Resigning) may, within 14 calendar days, withdraw from it without giving a reason and without incurring costs, except for the costs specified in art. 33, 34 sec. 2 and 35 of the Act on consumer rights of 30 May 2014 (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827 as amended). To meet the deadline, it is enough to send a statement before its expiry. The declaration of withdrawal from the contract may be submitted:
    1. by e-mail to the address care@venetiajewels.com
    2. in writing to the address: Venetia Sp. z o.o., 7 Wichrowa Street, Janki, 05 – 090 Raszyn, Poland
    3. using the reclamation form – form no. 2 mentioned below.
  2. The withdrawing Customer is obliged to return the Product immediately, but no later than 14 days from the date on which he or she withdrawal to the following address: Venetia Sp. z o.o., ul. 7 Wichrowa Street, Janki, 05 – 090 Raszyn, Poland. The return of the Products shall take place at the expense and risk of the withdrawing Customer.
  3. The Sending Customer is responsible for any reduction in the value of the Product resulting from using the Product in a manner which goes beyond the determination of the Product features, functionality and nature of the Product.
  4. The Seller after receiving the return of the Product shall refund the payment to the withdrawing Customer using the same method of payment that was used by the Customer.
  5. If the Customer has chosen a method of delivery of the Product to the Customer other than the cheapest ordinary delivery method offered by the Seller, the Seller shall not be obliged to reimburse the additional costs incurred by him.
  • 10 Final provisions
  1. Amendments to the Terms of Use may be made after prior notification to the Users of the scope of the changes, no later than 14 days before the date of their entry into force. 2.
  2. Any disputes arising between the Seller and the Customer will be settled by the common court competent for the seat of the Store.
  3. Users can contact the Seller in the following ways:
    1. phone: +48 511 03 05 04
    2. e-mail: care@venetiajewels.com
  4. Online Store Venetiajewels name, address at which it is available: www.venetiajewels.com and any materials contained therein are the subject copyright and are subject to legal protection. Using and distributing them without permission of the Store owner’s permission is prohibited.
  5. The law applicable to the sales contracts is the Polish Law.


Form 1 – Returns form

Form 2 – Reclamation form