Our Materials

We make high-quality diamond jewellery with ethical and sustainable practices, while still delivering an exceptional products at fair prices.

Venetia was founded to provide you with high-quality diamond jewellery without sacrificing our values or our planet. All of our materials are sourced responsibly and ethically, from conflict-free diamonds to recycled metals and fair trade gold. Our industry-leading practice of responsible production ensures we are constantly improving how we source and make beautiful products for you.

We mostly use 14K solid gold (585) to create high-quality jewellery to last for years to come, because it has been proven to keep its shine longer than other metals.
14K solid gold is the perfect middle ground between 18K and 9K. It’s affordable, durable, and looks great! We’re so confident in our product that each piece comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and craftsmanship. Our gold pieces won’t discolour or oxidize over time like other metals, which means they’ll stay shiny and pretty for years to come!
To ensure a positive impact on the planet, most of our 14K pieces are made with certified recycled gold and sourced from partners who are committed to our highest standards of sustainability.
All our gold pieces are stamped with a hallmark by an EU assay office to verify quality standards.
We want you to enjoy the best diamond shopping experience possible, and that's why we only use diamonds sourced from reputable manufacturers who meet our highest standards.
We use high-quality G to I, SI diamonds that add their natural shine to each design. All our designs are handcrafted to perfection by master craftsmen with years of experience.  Our high-quality diamonds are ethically sourced from our suppliers, who are conflict-free and are committed to responsible jewellery making. All our diamonds come with a certificate of authenticity that can be traced back to the supplier.
All our diamonds come with a certificate of authenticity issued along with all the details about the 4C’s – cut, clarity, colour and carat. 
We use a wide range of precious and semi-precious gemstones that are sourced from manufacturers across the world committed to responsible jewellery making.
The gemstones we use are graded AAA for their rarity and high quality. The gemstones on our designs were carefully cut and polished by expert craftsmen. The result is a stunning piece of jewellery that’s perfect for any occasion!