Extended Warranty

Extended warranty for all our products

We trust our craftsmanship and we trust that our customers will be happy with them. Because of this trust we are happy to announce that all our products come with an extended warranty of 180 days.

If you suspect your item has a manufacturing defect, please return it to us within 30 days after delivery for inspection. If we find that your component is faulty, we will gladly provide a complimentary repair or replacement if necessary. If we conclude that the damage was not caused by a manufacturing defect, we will contact you and, if available, offer you with a repair price.
Exclusions and exemptions to the warranty:

Any jewellery damage caused by negligence, misuse, or normal wear and tear. Under magnification, damage, such as being hit or knocked, is clearly visible. For example, if a ring wears thin or the prongs wear out as a result of negligence or natural wear and use, the guarantee is invalid.

Any jewellery that has been modified by a third party. We cannot be held liable for items that have been worked on by another jeweller.

Your center stone has been damaged, even though diamond is the hardest mineral on the planet, it is susceptible to cracking or chipping. All other gemstones with lesser hardness ratings are vulnerable to damage from knocks and bumps.

Any discolouration concerns caused by failure to follow our jewellery care recommendations, such as wearing rings while washing hands, using hand sanitizers, applying lotions and sunscreens, bathing or swimming, will not be covered by our product guarantee. When the goods arrives, we will thoroughly inspect it to see if the above conditions are satisfied. Once verified, we will either repair or send out your new item within 10 business days at no additional charge. Repairing solid gold jewellery might take 3-4 weeks.

Slight flaws and differences in craftsmanship or natural qualities, including apparent or hidden internal inclusions, are distinct and distinct to each piece. These features are what distinguishes your jewellery and should not be regarded as flaws.

Please use extreme caution when wearing jewellery! Your jewellery is extremely delicate and cannot endure extreme use, activities, or damages. This is especially true for rings and bracelets, as our hands are constantly susceptible to accidents. Here are a few examples of jewellery issues that will not be classified as product manufacturing issues:

● Jewellery is sensitive and you should avoid putting your jewellery in contact with water including swimming pools, hot tubs, and showers as well as exposing it to chemicals such as hairspray, lotions or perfume. This can cause discoloration on either the metal or stone as well as cause cracks in stones.

● Prongs and precious metals in general deteriorate with time and may require restoration work as part of routine maintenance. It is your obligation to care for your jewellery carefully in order to avoid damaging or losing your stones.

● Your jewellery is extremely delicate. If you do not remove the jewellery tag properly, the item may be damaged. Please cut the tag rather than pulling it.

● We do not offer guarantees for theft, product loss, or the loss of gemstones, diamonds, or other decorations.